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Macabre Mansion: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Project summary

"Macabre Mansion Presents... The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" is a sixty-minute Audio Drama adaptation of the classic story by Washington Irving. This adaptation stays true to Irving's original story with only minor changes in dialogue. The Audio Drama will have the same feel and style of the classic Old Time Radio shows.

This Audio Drama is the THIRD in a series of planed Macabre Mansion Original recordings. Our goal is to produce and preserve significant works of classic literature in an audio theater format, and provide the widest possible access and exposure to these great classic works.


Kyle Hebert - As the voice of Brom Bones, Hans, and Peter

Kyle Hebert grew up with a dream of doing two things: radio and cartoon voiceover. He was inspired by the late, great Mel Blanc... the genius behind all the classic "Warner Bros." characters. Kyle majored in radio/tv/film and got his bachelor.s degree from the University of North Texas in 1993. Kyle worked as a DJ/character voice for "Radio Disney" and got his big break in 2000 with "Funimation Entertainment" voicing "Gohan" on "Dragonball Z". Some of Kyle's recent projects include "Guardians of Luna", "Ultimate Spider-Man", "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds", "Bleach", "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and "Pokemon".


Virginia Hey - As the voice of Mrs Van Tassel, Amy and The Lady

Probably best known to sci-fi fans as the blue priestess Zhaan in "Farscape", Virginia began her career as a fashion model in Australia and Europe. She appeared on the cover of several magazines and soon moved into acting where she starred in television and films in Australia and the UK. Virginia got her first big break in "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" as the Warrior Woman. She was also one of the very lovely Bond girls in "The Living Daylights". www.VirginiaHey.com

Tiffany LaBarbera - As the voice of Lisa and Katrina Van Tassel

Tiffany LaBarbera is a Los Angeles based singer and actress, most noted for being a member of the progressive-rock band, Heart of Gold. Their first album, The Burning West, was released in late 2010 and quickly became a favorite of the indie/NPR/college radio circuit. Her voice has been featured on ad campaigns for ABCmouse.com, as a background vocalist for Varese Serabande records, various podcasts and National Lampoon.s short film Boobies. She is the subject of the Bill Evans song "Tiffany," and her lyrics for the song appear on Grammy Award-Winning artist Tierney Sutton.s Blue in Green album. She is a proud member of ASCAP and a frequent performer on the SoCal musical theatre scene. This summer, Tiffany will appear as "Helen" in The Many Women of Troy for Pallas Theatre Collective at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and tour the Pacific Northwest with Heart of Gold.

Tiffany LaBarbera

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - As the voice of Betty and Mary

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is an American voice actress, ADR director, writer, and singer best known for her extensive English-language dubbing of various anime, and her singing in multiple games from the Silent Hill series, as well as the movie adaptation and Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME. She has also had several movie roles.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Jim O'Rear - As the voice of Ichabod Crane and Dolph

A regular around Macabre Mansion, Jim has what seems like a never-ending list of credits including "Macabre Mansion Presents... The Fall of The House of Usher", "The Dead Matter", "Old Habits Die Hard"... and the list just goes on and on.


Daniel Roebuck - As the voice of The Narrator and Mr Van Tassel

Daniel Roebuck is a familiar face to fans of the hit TV series Matlock, in which he played legal assistant Clifford Lewis for three seasons. Fans of ABC's "Lost" will recognize Daniel as "Leslie Arzt" where he is blown up while carefully holding a stick of dynamite and giving a speech on the dangers of nitro glycerin. More recently Daniel has been seen on "Glee" where he plays "Paul Karofsky".


Project Artist

We've commissioned award winning artist Billy Tackett to provide project artwork. Billy Tackett hasn't always been referred to as "The Creepiest Artist In America". With humble beginnings in rural KY, the darkness came a-callin' early on. His fondness for Famous Monsters of Filmland over Little Golden Books hinted at a dark future to come. After publishing over 200 book cover and illustrations he created his signature piece, Zombie Sam, giving birth to his Dead White & Blue series. Those paintings then became the inspiration for the Dead White & Blue Comics graphic novel, scheduled for release in 2010. Billy's ability to bring characters to life on canvas and paper caught the attention of best-selling author Shane Moore who dubbed him "Duco-Letum" (Painter of Death) and named him Official Artist of his Abyss Walker Series. Utilizing his talents in both graphic design and traditional art, Billy has unearthed a line of graphic Ts emblazoned with the denizens of the vast and forbidding wasteland known as his Imagination. Avoid visiting www.BillyTackett.com if you suffer from heart problems, weak stomach, fear of the dark or a shortness of a sense of humor

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Jim O'Rear joins the cast of POE POE PITIFUL ME
Monday January 13th 2014 01:46:54 PM

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn joins the cast of POE POE PITIFUL ME
Monday January 13th 2014 12:30:31 PM

Kyle Hebert joins the cast of POE POE PITIFUL ME
Monday January 13th 2014 09:52:58 AM

Macabre Mansion: The Fall of the House of Usher

Macabre Mansion: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Macabre Mansion: Macabre Mansion Presents... a Christmas Carol

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