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ABOVE: The CRITTER receives “The Treatment” from Jim O’Rear & Bryan Wilson.

Bryan and I just returned home for a couple of days and wanted to drop you a quick note. Thank you to everyone involved in the process of UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE being screened at THE SCAREFEST in Lexington, KY, this weekend… especially Nic & Fiona Brown, Jeff Waldridge, and Cherokee Hall… and thanks to those who attended the screening and had such kind comments afterwards. A short video of some of these funny testimonials will be coming soon!

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear & the lovely Elvira.

THE SCAREFEST was a blast. I wish we had the time to spend all weekend there visiting with our friends and fans… such as Elvira, Danielle Harris, Ernie Hudson, Linnea Quigley, Beverly Randolph, James & Mary Hampton, the dynamic duo of Angela & Wickedbeard, Lisa Baker, Bill Moseley, Ed Douglas, Paul Browning, John Dugan, Lance Henricksen, Ben & Stacey Dixon, Cameron, Patty, Emily, Ender…. The list goes on and on.

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear & Bryan Wilson give Wickedbeard “The Treatment” on the red carpet!

THE SCAREFEST ran like a smooth and efficient machine with thousands of attendees. It’s a fun show with lots of excellent guests and fun events. If you haven’t made it to this show yet, plan to attend in Lexington next year…in which the new dates happen to fall on my birthday! Party anyone?

ABOVE: Steve Nappe, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, & Jim O'Rear.

ABOVE: Bryan Wilson, Ernie Hudson, & Jim O’Rear.

ABOVE: Bryan Wilson & Jim O'Rear outside the screening of UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE, sponsored by Fear.net.

ABOVE: Bryan Wilson, Beverly Randolph, & Jim O’Rear.

ABOVE: Jim O'Rear & Bryan Wilson hamming it up on the red carpet.

After the sneak screening of UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT, Bryan and I had to run to Indianapolis, IN, to appear at a benefit concert for the Make A Wish Fund. Bryan played with FOREVER THE TRIBUTE (a Beatles tribute band) and brought down the house.

ABOVE: Bryan Wilson as John Lennon in FOREVER THE TRIBUTE.

ABOVE: Forever The Tribute.

Bryan and I travelled quickly through Indiana. Since we were recently banned in Franklin, IN, due to our film UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT being too controversial for them, we weren’t sure what law offices might be out to get us. However, we did stop long enough in Franklin to snap this photo:

ABOVE: Franklin welcomes… US???

Thousands of dollars were raised at this benefit concert to help sick kids and Bryan and I were proud to be a part of this event. We don’t know that everyone was as proud, though, when a 5th Beatle was put on the stage!

ABOVE: Jim O’Rear gets wigged.

ABOVE: What's on Jim's head?

ABOVE: John Lennon and the 5th Beatle.

ABOVE: Hey! Where did Jim’s hair go?

We want to thank Franklin, Indiana, and the B Movie Celebration/Artcraft Theater for banning us this weekend, as it allowed us the time to help raise a lot of money for a lot of sick kids and connect to many more UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT fans!

We’re in Gatlinburg, TN, this week for HORROR WEEKEND (www.HorrorWeekend.com) appearing with a ton of genre stars and holding another sneak peek screening of UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT. We hope to see you there!!

Thanks for reading,
Jim O’Rear & Bryan Wilson

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