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Review - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Due to some fantastic luck and a really good friend, I was able to see an early showing of the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey tonight – and to sum it up short and spoiler-free, it’s dang funny, epic (as expected) and definitely worth your money once or twice over. Personally, there’s a strong chance I’ll be seeing it again before the end of the week.

Review: The Walking Dead Season 3: Say the Word

The Walking Dead continues to build up two stories. Viewers get to peak into a “perfect” society run by the Governor in Woodbury while Rick and his group try the best they can to survive in a prison, which takes on a persona of its own. While the Governor is slowly being shown as someone who is menacing and most likely has underlying devious intentions, Rick is quickly deteriorating.

Review: The Walking Dead Season 3: Seed

The Walking Dead is back for its third season and is breaking records again! Sunday night's episode opened up to 10.1 million viewers. The season 3 opener is now ranked as the most watched drama telecast in basic cable history. For the night including the encore of the episode, The Walking Dead drew in more than 15.2 million total viewers.

Review: The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire

The season finale of The Walking Dead sets up the basics for the third season. We lose hope, we lose more characters, and we lose the farm. “Beside the Dying Fire” also reveals a pivotal secret from season one and gives a hint at where our survivors will end up in season three.

Review: The Walking Dead: Better Angels

After several episodes that saw the plot barely move along, this episode saw it shoot up and go in a direction that was unforeseen. Titled, “Better Angels” The Walking Dead starts shining light on the survivors mental state. There is also another major character death, one that was incredibly tense and very well shot. Next week's episode is the season finale and it looks to be filled with a lot of walker action. They are coming to the barn, there is no safe place. Once again Carl also manages to find himself in the middle of a sticky situation, what is Lori doing half the time that she can't keep her eye on him?

Review: The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner

So far this season we've seen a tremendous amount of things happen to our survivors. As important to the character's story arcs these events have been, some episodes have been lacking. Those of you that read the comics have mixed feelings. This is not a direct adaptation, more of a companion piece but sometimes it feels like the main plot is going nowhere. Last night's episode, “Judge, Jury, Executioner” ran the story into the wall. The last few minutes we also lose a major character. The big question this episode poses to us is, what about the right thing to do? Destroy the liberties of the group, of humanity out of fear and safety or...is there another way? Is there a way to hold onto the traditions of humanity or do you have to switch on that kill or be killed instinct to survive?

Review: The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out

The power struggle between Shane and Rick comes to a head, while Beth figures out her reason for living. This Sunday's episode, “18 Miles Out” gets us back on track with some more questions and some more action. Will fear ultimately drive the group to do even more gruesome things? When the world goes to hell would you become all the things you hate?

Review: The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

The Walking Dead continues to put in motion the events needed to change the dynamic of the group and of Rick's character. Episode 9, titled “Triggerfinger” puts Rick's past morals to the test. We do not kill the living now has become, we kill the living to protect our own? What makes him any different now from Shane or the living dead that kill? There is also an intense power struggle brewing between Shane and Rick. Triggerfinger tries to put this into perspective.

Review: The Walking Dead: Nebraska

Now that the situation with Sophia has been resolved, the survivors have reached a stalemate. Hershel wants them off his property, Rick needs Hershel and so does the rest of the group, and Shane is doing what he does best, brood around with a kill or be killed attitude. Episode 8, titled “Nebraska”, started coping with the question of where does innocence belong in this world? Is it really a kill or be killed world or is there something more?

Review: The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead brought everything to a head. The survivors are spent, Glenn told the group about the walkers in the barn. Not only are they now on edge but, Rick is desperately trying to do right by Hershel. He's the only one remembering that this is Hershel's farm, his property. This episode titled, “Pretty Much Dead Already” damages hope for many of the survivors, especially Hershel, while putting others to the test.

Reviews are the biased opinion of the author and may not reflect the opinion of Macabre Mansion

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