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Review: The Walking Dead: Bloodletting

The Walking Dead's second episode in the second season was filled with even more suspense than the first and not from the threat of walkers either. Titled, “Bloodletting” the episode opens with a scene from the past as Lori gets the news that Rick was injured in a shoot out from the first episode of the series. Shane watches as Lori has to deliver the horrible news to Carl. Shane becomes more than ready to be there for them. This sets up upcoming difficult decisions faced in this episode.

We pick up right where we left off in the last episode. Rick has Carl in his arms, Shane and Otis, the man who accidentally shot Carl, follow behind. We don't know if Carl is even still alive at this point and Rick, understandably, is a complete mess. We finally meet Hershel Greene and his family at the farm. Shane tries to comfort Rick during this time. I'm actually really glad Shane is still around. For those of you who don't read the comics, Shane never reached this point, he died within the first few issues. Keeping his character around for this gives him a very interesting chance at being developed in ways we don't even know yet. This is exciting! We see him comforting Rick, telling him he needs to be here for Carl. Hershel has the ability to try and save Carl. He gets a pulse reading and tells Rick that if need be, he has to stay close to Carl so they can do blood transfusions while he tries to remove the bullet fragments. Carl and Rick are the same blood type.

Meanwhile back in the woods the survivors continue to look for Sophia. Lori is worried, she heard the shot that rang out moments ago and questions why just one shot was fired. Daryl tries to explain that maybe they shot a walker but Lori knows that neither Rick or Shane would risk firing a bullet and attract more walkers. While they continue looking in the woods back at the RV Dale and T-Dog are savaging for supplies. T-Dog reveals that his arm is still hurting so Dale decides to take a look. Dale finds out that T-Dog is doing worse than he thought. His wound seems to be infected. At this point, one may question is it just a normal infection? They decide to look for medical supplies in the abandoned cars that lie on the main highway.

Back at the farm, decisions must be made. Rick desperately wants to get a hold of Lori. She has no idea that their son has been shot. Maggie, Hershel's daughter, takes it upon herself to go and inform them of the situation. Back at the highway T-Dog starts talking about how the group thinks Dale and himself are the weak links. That must explain why they were left to scavenge for supplies while the rest of the group goes out and looks for Sophia. Dale, not believing a word of what is being said reaches out and touches T-Dog and finds that he's running a high fever. Dale gives him a bunch of pain relievers they found to try to get the fever down.

The group in the woods decide to go back to the RV. Carol is still distraught over Sophia. Daryl tells her that all this hopin and praying ain't gonna do nothing, he comforts her by saying, we will find Sophia. It will happen, maybe not today but they will find her! As the group travels back to the RV Andrea gets separated. She starts talking to a figure she thinks is a member of the group but it turns out to be a walker and she gets attacked. Andrea starts screaming alerting the group to where so is and stabs the walker. The group rushes to her. Eventually she falls on her back, the knife didn't do anything, in fact it gets stuck in the walker. Maggie comes from out of nowhere and knocks the walker down, saving Andrea. She then tells Lori what has happened to Carl and tells the rest of the group where the farm is so they can meet up there. The group heads back to the RV where Daryl reveals he has a bag full of drugs from Merle. The drugs could help with T-Dog's predicament. The group becomes split at this time. Several members, Dale, T-Dog and Daryl decide to stay behind and rig a sign in the road just in case Sophia where to come back. The rest of the group decides to trek to the farm with Glenn leading.

Maggie delivers Lori to the farm. She's distraught and wants to know what Carl's chances are. It is also revealed that Hershel is only a veterinarian. Lori freaks out at this. It is also revealed that they will need some more supplies, a respirator and anesthesia so Hershel can retrieve the rest of the bullet fragments and also administer medication to ward off internal bleeding and infection. Rick is desperate to go. Lori says she needs him, Carl needs him. She can not do this alone. Shane decides to go with Otis to the local high school. When the pandemic hit the high school was a safe haven and has an abundance of medical supplies. Otis feels horrible and responsible for what happened to Carl so he takes it upon himself to go.

Once they hit the high school they encounter and intense amount of walkers. They seem to be able to handle the situation until they realize they forgot an exit strategy. Carl's life hangs in the balance. Rick's personality shines through here. He's true character, which is a man who wants to save everyone, really shows in this episode. It is kind of sad. The make-up to illustrate how Rick is distraught and scared is really well done. He looks gaunt and sick. Many decisions must now be made. Also, what kind of devious things await them at the farm. It may be their safe house for now but what's really going on there? Will Shane and Otis make it out unscathed? Will Carl make it? Will Sophia be found? This episode leaves us with many questions. By the way, where's Merle? Shane's character growth is starting to show. He's stepping up to the plate to shoulder the burden Rick has been managing to carry with trying to save everyone. This episode sets up the catalyst at which the survivors are going to have difficult decisions to make. What decisions would you make?

Tune into episode 3 this upcoming Sunday at 9 pm on AMC! The first episode, “What Lies Ahead” is now available for streaming at AMC.com.

Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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