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Review: The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose

Episode 4 of this season's The Walking Dead slowed things down a bit, giving in to a lot of time to develop certain elements that will become extremely important later. Many things happened as well. There was a lot to digest from this episode titled, “Cherokee Rose.”

We start off with a funeral held in memory of Otis. Patricia, Otis's girlfriend, asks Shane to speak on his behalf since he was the last person to see him alive. Shane still looks mildly uncomfortable and upset. He musters up a little speech while remembering what he did. He struggles with a form of remorse and with the true reasons behind his actions. The group then gathers together to form a set plan on finding Sophia. Hershel demands that Rick and Shane sit this one out for a few days because of Rick's blood transfusion loss and Shane's injuries. It becomes up to Daryl to go hunt for her, which isn't bothering him at all. He actually volunteers while putting up his bad ass front of having nothing better to do. Meanwhile Hershel explains that once they find Sophia they don't expect them to stay. Rick automatically has an issue with this, you can tell by his expression on his face. Maggie takes it upon herself to go and get more medical supplies from a drugstore in town. She knows the way and usually doesn't encounter any trouble. Rick tells her that Glenn should accompany her, he knows the way around and goes about quickly and quietly.

The survivors start to set up camp when Dale and T-dog decide to pull some water from a well on Hershel's farm and they discover a bloated and decrepit walker. Somehow he got into the well. Maggie comes along with Glenn, Lori, Shane and Andrea to try to think of a solution. One question this raises is, has anyone drank the water from this well? If so, could there be infection already on the farm unknown to the others? Instead of just shooting the walker in the head, the group decides to use Glenn as live bait to try to get the walker out of the well. The poorly thought out plan almost gives way to Glenn losing his life as the rope that was tied around him winds up pulling out of the ground thus leading to him falling almost on the walker. While he's fighting for his life he manages to tie one of the ropes around the walker and is saved by the survivors concentrated effort to pull him back out of the well. The group then tries to pull the walker out of the well, it gets stuck and eventually gets torn in half. They now have to seal up the well.

Before Glenn and Maggie go to the drugstore Lori approaches and hands Glenn a note of something she needs. She tells him that it's personal and to keep it private. Glenn understands but then asks where he could find the item. She needs something from the feminine hygiene isle. What could this be?
While this is happening Hershel stops to admire the sky and Rick starts a conversation with him. Hershel is a character who is a man of faith and hasn't forgotten to stop and admire the world around him despite their dire circumstances. Rick is a man who is starting to lose faith.

Daryl finds an abandoned house in the woods. He winds up finding signs of life, signs that Sophia was probably there. He also finds a rose in bloom in the backyard. He gives the rose to Carol and tells her the story of Cherokee rose: "The story is that when American soldiers where moving Indians off their land, on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much 'cause they were losing their little ones along the way. Exposure and disease and starvation; a lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they sent a prayer, asked for a sign to uplift the mother's spirits. Give 'em strength, hope. The next day, this rose started to grow right where the mother's tears fell. I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers bloomin' for my brother. But, I believe, this one is bloomin' for your little girl." He's coming to terms that they may never find Merle and he really is trying to make up for it by finding Sophia. Now that he is out of Merle's shadow he can become the man that he wants to be. Him and Carol find a bit of support from each other. They both have abuse and the fact that someone they love is missing in common.

Rick tries to convince Hershel that they should be able to stay. He says he won't make any promises but if everyone cooperates it may happen. He then goes inside and spends time with Carl. Meanwhile at the drugstore Glenn and Maggie split up for a few moments to find items. Glenn finds what Lori wants and then tries to hide it buy picking up condoms. This awkwardly leads to Maggie propositioning him. They wind up having sex in the broad daylight in a drugstore. Where are the walkers?

Shane, Andrea and Sophia make their way back to the farm. They were up at the highway looking for signs of Sophia, if she had been there. Shane talks about what he did to Otis and why to Andrea. It's subtle since Andrea doesn't know what he did.

Rick shares some sweet moments with Carl before deciding to hang up his police uniform for good. Rick is inherently a cop but he's starting to see that society has new rules. There are going to be new ways to survive, what will they be? What role will he take, continue to work with a moral compass or...? Glenn and Maggie arrive back at the farm and Glenn is all giddy but Maggie seems embarrassed telling him, that was a one time only thing. He immediately feels rejected. He then gives Lori what she needed which is hidden in a bag. Later on that night we see her leave the farmhouse. It is then revealed that she took a pregnancy test and is pregnant! She breaks down and cries. She is probably thinking, how is this possible? How will I be able to raise a baby in this world? How would you even give birth in this world?

The Walking Dead continues to ask the audience questions. In a world like this, how will the next generation survive? Would there even be a next generation? Tune into episode 5 this upcoming Sunday at 9 pm on AMC! Merle might be back?!

The first episode, “What Lies Ahead” is now available for streaming at AMC.com.

Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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