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Review: The Walking Dead: Secrets

Every character on the walking dead is holding back. This week's episode, fittingly titled, “Secrets” explores sins of omission, lies, deceit, and secrets.

We pick up where we left off. Rick and Shane are going to train the survivors in gun control and how to arm themselves. Meanwhile, Glenn starts to panic because he knows way too much. He asks Maggie why they have a barn full of walkers, she only tells him to keep it to himself. Glenn says he is terrible at lying, he doesn't even play poker because it feels too much like lying. While distributing food to the other survivors and he starts to act a little strange. He also talks to Lori about her pregnancy. She has yet to tell Rick about it, she doesn't know what she is going to do yet. She also doesn't know if it is Shane's or Rick's which doesn't seem to be much of a big deal to her if she has the baby. Still, she is undecided. Andrea apologizes to Daryl, since she mistook him for a walker and shot him. He understands her position and then says, next time you shoot me, better make sure I am dead.

During shooting practice, Andrea stands out. Shane invites her to an advanced practice which consists of practicing on a moving, a swinging branch. Shane tries to motivate her harshly, comparing the movement of the tree to the walkers that killed her sister, Amy. Andrea gets extremely offended and storms off. He goes after her and attempts to apologize, even if it is halfhearted. He then invites her to accompany him on a lead to find Sophia. Judging from the map they received from Hershel, if Sophia isn't in the woods she may have wound up near a housing development close to the area.

Back at the farm Hershel tells Lori that they should be moving on soon. Lori gets agitated at this and talks to Rick about it. Rick says he is currently talking to Hershel about staying on his farm but it is not set in stone. She asks him how long he has known about Hershel's mindset, he says it doesn't matter how long. Lori starts to worry about the other survivors and how they have been getting comfortable there. Dale starts to notice that Glenn has been acting a little strange, asks him what's wrong and Glenn spills the beans about...everything.

Dale takes it upon himself to slyly talk to Hershel about the walkers in the barn. He tells Hershel that he has noticed moans coming from the barn and also notices a foul smell. Hershel tells him not to mention this again, Dale tries to reason with him about how they shouldn't be kept so close to the survivors they are dangerous. Hershel still sees them as people and you don't just shot sick people. He seems to be holding out for a cure.

Lori tells Glenn that she is sorry for brushing his offer off earlier about needing to be taken care of. She gives him another list of a few things she would like from the drugstore in town. Meanwhile Shane and Andrea arrive at the housing development near the woods. They start to take a look around some houses. They wind up finding a gruesome scene in one house. A group of survivors barricaded themselves in but it didn't last for long. They discover charred corpses, one looks as if it were reaching up, before they notice a horde of walkers coming their way from outside. They make it back outside towards the car. Shane tells Andrea to clear one side while he clears the other. She struggles to shoot the moving targets until a walker gets extremely close. Shane says to focus and if anything he has her back. The walker gets within arms length before she musters up her strength to shot it right in the head. She then gets a perfect shot every time. On the way back to the farm Andrea makes a pass at Shane and they hook up.

While Dale starts grilling meat on the barbeque, he notices Lori looking uncomfortable. He goes up to her and slyly brings up the topic of pregnancy. He tries to comfort her and talk to her about it.

During Glenn's trip to the pharmacy, Maggie decides to accompany him. On the way there they begin to talk about whether walkers are still people or not. Once they arrive he asks her to help him with finding something for Lori. Maggie takes the list and heads towards the pharmacy part of the store. While looking for the right pills or vitamins she gets attacked by a zombie. Glenn picks up a piece of shelving and starts to beat the walker to death with it. Maggie is extremely startled and upset. When they arrive back at the farm she flips out on Lori, throwing all of the items she needed at her. Lastly she starts screaming, oh yeah, here's your abortion pills too! Then she storms off. Glenn apologizes on Maggie's behalf and tells Lori that they were attacked but remain unscathed. He then goes back to Maggie to tell her that her behavior just then was completely uncalled for. Maggie then tells him that she thinks he could be a great leader instead of just being an errand boy. She doesn't want to lose him because of something stupid. Lori later apologizes to Glenn for even getting him involved. Glenn tells her that he'll never tell her what decision to make in her situation but maybe she doesn't have to make this decision alone. He encourages her to tell Rick.

When Andrea and Shane arrive back at the camp Dale gets extremely suspicious of Shane. He pulls him aside and they have it out. Dale tells Shane that he's on to him, saw the way that Shane has looked at Rick in the past and tells him how his story about how Otis died is pretty fishy. Shane then threatens Dale. The episode leaves off with Rick confronting Lori about the morning after pills he discovers. As an act of desperation Lori takes a handful of morning after pills. She then throws them up. She has still not decided on what to do but now Rick knows and they may have a chance. Lori also confesses that Shane and her slept together. Rick knew and accepts this, he says, “You thought I was dead...”

Tonight is the mid-season finale. What would you like to see? Is there still a chance Sophia is alive? There are several speculations that she may have been found by other characters, she may be dead, or, worst case scenario, she may even be in Hershel's barn. Shane's character has degraded substantially, he walks a fine line between what is wrong and right and can justify his actions, he's thrown sentimentality out the window, abandoning emotions. Is the hookup between Andrea and Shane a one time thing or...? What will happen when the barn is discovered by the rest of the group? What will Lori's ultimate decision be? A birth can mean the beg ginning of hope but in this world is that even a possibility anymore?

Tune into episode 7 this upcoming Sunday at 9 pm on AMC! The second season will resume in February.

The first episode, “What Lies Ahead” is now available for streaming at AMC.com.

Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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