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Review: The Walking Dead: Nebraska

Now that the situation with Sophia has been resolved, the survivors have reached a stalemate. Hershel wants them off his property, Rick needs Hershel and so does the rest of the group, and Shane is doing what he does best, brood around with a kill or be killed attitude. Episode 8, titled “Nebraska”, started coping with the question of where does innocence belong in this world? Is it really a kill or be killed world or is there something more?

The group is now trying to deal with the fact that Sophia turned out to be a walker locked up in Hershel's barn. Everyone is taking it hard and everyone is coping differently. Hershel wants everyone off his property but not without being questioned by Shane first. Shane starts telling everyone that he knew about Sophia being on the farm in the barn, but no one knew. Otis was the one handling the walkers and putting them in the barn. Rick is having a hard time swallowing the fact that even though he's trying to do everything right, the people he cares about still get hurt. He can't really save anyone. He is starting to lose faith in his abilities to do right. Carol is feeling the worst about Sophia. She says that she feels stupid for even keeping up the search. All her answers, was she crying herself to sleep at night, why wasn't she searching for them, were answered when she stepped out of the barn. The rest of the group decides to hold a burial for their loved ones in the barn and burn the others. Hershel disappears while Beth, Hershel’s other daughter, collapses most likely from shock, although I am starting to think of something more sinister. If you read the comics you can look into it that way. Lori and Rick talk about finding him. It turns out before he had a family he had a drinking habit.

Meanwhile Shane and Dale's relationship is filled with tension. Shane asks Dale what has he done for the group, throwing the fact that he saved Carl in his face. Dale starts to suspect Shane of leaving Otis behind, which is true but no one else knows this. Dale turns to Lori about it. She doesn't believe him. Rick and Glenn decide to go into town to find Hershel at the local bar. While the rest of the group has a burial service and burning service, Shane tries to comfort Carol. He tells her he didn't know she was in the barn, all he was trying to do was what was best for the group.

Lori tries to ask if someone would go into town after Rick. She approaches Daryl about the situation. He blows up in her face saying, “I looked for that little girl night and day so no, I'm not about to go out to look for anybody anymore, don't you talk to me about getting my hands dirty!” So she embarks on trying to find him herself. Why does anyone have to go find Rick? He has proven time and again that he is reliable. While driving she hits a walker, gets startled and crashes her car.

On the way to town to find Hershel Glenn tells Rick that Maggie has told him that he loves him. Glenn tries to brush this off, he has never been told something like that before. Rick tells him that it's something not to be taken lightly, she's not just saying that because they are “the only two people left” she means it. Glenn is still feeling insecure and doesn't know what's going to happen with Hershel and the farm. They eventually find Hershel at the local bar. Rick tries to convince him to come back, that everyone needs him, that things will be different. Hershel disagrees, ever since Rick and his group arrived at his farm they have destroyed everything. Hershel was Rick's last hope, Rick and his group have massacred any form of hope that he had left. He admits he was a fool to believe that the walkers were still people. While they are talking two other survivors walk into the bar. They seem to know Hershel. Everyone starts talking about the rumors about safe places and how most of them have been overrun, including Fort Benning, which was to be the groups next stop if need be. The two men also start prodding Rick and Hershel about where they are staying. One of the men tries to act calm while the other starts to become aggressive. He starts asking about the farm, asking if they can join them. Rick says that it's not possible. The man goes behind the bar, puts his gun on top of it and then proceeds to pour himself another drink. Suddenly Rick shoots him and shoots the other man. Why? Is it out of self-defense or self-preservation for the group and their place at the farm? Is he trying to prove something to Hershel? We are starting to see a blurring of Rick's moral compass. Will he still have a moral compass. What will separate him from Shane now? Readers of the graphic novels have an idea about how this new world will affect Rick. Poor Glenn is stuck with another secret.

So far this episode was a lot of recapping and a lot of rushing into Rick's character change. Right now we are missing many key points that show up in the graphic novels. There is a lot of material in store for us, but I would like to see something more of the group. Now where do we go from here? Lori is potentially hurt on the highway somewhere. How is Carol going to adapt, being the only one left in her family? Will Hershel come back to the farm? Will he let Rick and his group stay?

You can stream this episode on AMCTV.com. Stay Tuned every Sunday at 9 pm on AMC for the rest of the season. Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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