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Review: The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

The Walking Dead continues to put in motion the events needed to change the dynamic of the group and of Rick's character. Episode 9, titled “Triggerfinger” puts Rick's past morals to the test. We do not kill the living now has become, we kill the living to protect our own? What makes him any different now from Shane or the living dead that kill? There is also an intense power struggle brewing between Shane and Rick. Triggerfinger tries to put this into perspective.

The episode opens up with Lori's car completely flipped over and a zombie is desperately trying to get at her. Lori manages to survive her car accident, waking up just as the walker is making his way through the crack in the windshield. She successfully defends herself and continues down the road towards the nearby town. Back at the farm the rest of the group is having dinner and no one knows where Lori is. Shane gets an inkling that she went out looking for Rick. Daryl then reveals that Lori did ask him to go look for Rick but he said no. Carol asks him why he never told anybody. At this time Daryl is pulling himself away from the group. He gets into Carol's face when she comes over to him just expressing concern about his recent behavior. He tells her to back off and rubs it in her face that now she's the only one left in her family.

At the bar Rick, Glenn and Hershel get involved with the other survivors in the group of the men they just killed. They start looking for their men and try to get into the bar. Glenn throws his body against the door and then Rick starts to yell that their men shot at them first, they are dead. This starts a shoot out. They plan together how to get back to the truck. Glenn starts to hesitate. As they try and leave the bar a survivor shoots at Glenn. Hershel protects Glenn as he takes cover behind a dumpster.

Shane manages to find Lori and tells her that Rick is back at the farm to get her back to safety. Once they arrive there she gets pissed at Shane for lying to her. The group becomes concerned about her well-being, blatantly stating that she is pregnant. Carl didn't know and is shocked. Andrea takes Lori inside so they can clean her up and Lori explains everything to Carl. He is excited to be a big brother, although questions remain as to how this is going to pan out. Shane enters and Andrea is reluctant to let them talk. They wind up talking anyway and Shane goes bonkers, telling her that he loves her and Carl and that everything they had before Rick came back was real which Lori tells him it was just the heat of the moment. Who's right and who's wrong? Has Shane gone completely nuts? He claims his reason for being is still Lori and Carl.

Back at the bar, Hershel isn't sure if Glenn was shot or not so Rick makes his way to the dumpster to talk to him. They make a plan to get to the truck. As they make their way they notice another survivor with a gun on a roof. A horde of walkers are also making their way towards them. The rest of the other groups survivors decide to hightail it out of there, they tell the survivor on the roof to jump down, he does so and impales himself, the rest of his group leaves him. Rick, Hershel and Glenn go over to him. Rick wants to save him. Why exactly? His leg is impaled and his future survival looks bleak. As walkers start to close in and the moment gets even more tense Rick pulls his leg from the fence.

Back at the farm Maggie takes care of her sister Beth while reminiscing about their lives before the outbreak. Andrea listens to them. Beth is still in a shocked state. Eventually Rick, Hershel, and Glenn make it back to the farm bringing the new survivor with them, who is now unconscious and blindfolded. Of course the first person to have an issue with this is Shane and the rest of the group is put on edge. They try to come up with a plan of having Hershel take care of him and then drop him off the side of the road somewhere but that doesn't seem to sit well with Ricks conscience. Andrea and Shane at this point start talking about how they feel like the only sane people, Shane complaining that these people just want to “set-up house” and the war is coming here instead of us bringing it. Where else would they go right now? We know from the previous episode that Fort Benning is not the safe haven the group would like it to be. Glenn confronts Maggie about feeling that how she said she loved him is now making him become a coward. He blames his lack of focus on the fact that she said she loves him, he couldn't think about how he should be working with the group defending them, instead he was thinking about his future with her and staying alive for her.

Later on Lori confronts Rick about everything that Shane has told her, his confession of his love and even the fact that the baby might be his. Rick really has no reaction to that. Lori stirs the pot even further by pointing the fact that Shane's logic and plans for the group are at odds with Ricks. Rick then starts talking about the fact that he had to kill two men and then he saved another but they didn't even seem to care about him. He said he had to kill to protect what he had, and blames this fact on having Lori and Carl around.

There's a lot of blame going on here. There's also a difference between this and the graphic novel in a big way. The baby was never revealed to could have been Shane's. This little twist made me feel like they are moving his character development along a path that could essentially see Rick become....more unstable in the future. As much as Rick's character changes, I think it is happening at a much quicker rate. There is also the butting of heads between Rick and Shane. Rick can be the leader and have a partner but Shane, he can't function when people start to question his authority anymore. Rick seems to be different than Shane in one way, his attachment to innocence. He went out of his way to save that wounded survivor because he was young. Bold move, but he still has a conscience which is something that Shane may not have anymore. Who would you like to see lead the group? Is the threat of other survivors now greater than the threat of the walkers? What tipped the scales in this direction? As time goes by and the world falls into more chaos what else is going to change? We've seen Sophia turn into a walker. Sophia being the symbol of innocence and hope. What does the group have left to hold on to? What do they have left to look forward to? What would you look forward to?

Stay Tuned every Sunday at 9 pm on AMC for the rest of the season. Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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