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Review: The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner

So far this season we've seen a tremendous amount of things happen to our survivors. As important to the character's story arcs these events have been, some episodes have been lacking. Those of you that read the comics have mixed feelings. This is not a direct adaptation, more of a companion piece but sometimes it feels like the main plot is going nowhere. Last night's episode, “Judge, Jury, Executioner” ran the story into the wall. The last few minutes we also lose a major character. The big question this episode poses to us is, what about the right thing to do? Destroy the liberties of the group, of humanity out of fear and safety or...is there another way? Is there a way to hold onto the traditions of humanity or do you have to switch on that kill or be killed instinct to survive?

The episode opens with Daryl torturing Randall. Randall explains where he came from and how he's been able to survive this long. It turns out his pack is about 30 or so men and women. They set up camp and scavenge when necessary. They have also done horrible things to other people. Daryl reports back to the group that he is dangerous. He may not be like the rest of his group but he could bring the group there if he was able to escape. This leads to Rick deciding that he should be killed for the safety of the group. Shane seems satisfied with this idea and so do most of the others. Even if they aren't for it, no one speaks up except for Dale. He tries to restore some sort of moral compass, he pleads with Rick to ask the other survivors what they think. He tries to restore some sort of democratic process so that everyone can have a say in Randall's fate.

While Dale tries to get everyone's opinion on the matter, asking Andrea to keep an eye out on Randall, Carl is adventuring on his own. It all begins when Carl climbs into the barn to see Randall. What is he even doing? Then he encounters Carol and they briefly talk about Sophia, he then tells he that she is an idiot for believing that she is in a better place, they'll never see her again. He runs off. He starts asking his father about whether or not he's going to kill Randall, which stops Rick in his thinking. He tells him to never even mind that, and to apologize to Carol. He also tells him to think and not talk. He runs off again into the nearby wood. He sees a walker and approaches it, he starts throwing rocks at it and notices that it is stuck in the mud. Feeling like a mini badass he gets closer and whips out his gun. The walker struggles to get a hold of him. Carl freaks out, drops his gun and runs off.

For the rest of the episode we see Dale trying to convince the other survivors that what they are about to do is wrong. He talks to Daryl who believes the group is broken and knows about what Shane did to Otis. He talks to Hershel who is basically turning a blind eye to murder. Everyone seems to be putting this decision on Rick. Rick, not feeling too confident, asks Lori about her opinion. She has none, saying that whatever Rick thinks is best is. Her character is getting weaker. I can understand being supportive of your husband but...you still have an opinion and you are being encouraged to voice it.

Rick holds a house meeting where the group gathers to try to decide the fate of Randall. Dale acts like the voice of reason here, pleading with the rest of the group who is mum on the whole situation. Andrea takes Dale's side and says we have to find another way. They don't come up with another way though and Rick decides to go through with it. As he is about to shoot Randall he hesitates, then Carl appears to watch. Rick stops and says we can't do this. As eager as he is to prove to the group, especially Shane, that he can protect them, he is still trying to do the right thing. His son walking in solidifies that. He decides to keep him in holding for now.

Dale walks away from the whole scene telling Daryl that he is right, the group is broken. While out in the field he notices something a little ways off in the weeds. He approaches and it's the body of a mutilated cow. When he turns around it's too late as a walker closes in on him and pushes him to the ground. He tries as best as he can to push him off but the walker is too strong for him. Instead of biting him, the walker does extensive damage to his skin, puncturing it until there is a massive hole. The rest of the group hears his cries and comes running but it is too late. Daryl takes care of the walker and then Rick tries to save him, pleading with Hershel to operate. Andrea knows he is in pain and stresses it to them. Rick attempts to put him out of his misery but can't. Daryl is the one who was able to do it.

What is going to happen to Randall? To save him and then kill him out of safety for the group seems wrong and pointless. Now that Dale is gone who will convince the group to still hang onto their morals? Are there morals anymore? What is Daryl's role in the group? What would you do with Randall? We are still left with many questions and there are only two episodes left in the season. We do know that the Governor is slated to appear in the next season. Where will the story go from here? Is he apart of Randall's group?

Stay Tuned every Sunday at 9 pm on AMC for the rest of the season. Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Reviews are the biased opinion of the author and may not reflect the opinion of Macabre Mansion

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