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Review: The Walking Dead: Better Angels

After several episodes that saw the plot barely move along, this episode saw it shoot up and go in a direction that was unforeseen. Titled, “Better Angels” The Walking Dead starts shining light on the survivors mental state. There is also another major character death, one that was incredibly tense and very well shot. Next week's episode is the season finale and it looks to be filled with a lot of walker action. They are coming to the barn, there is no safe place. Once again Carl also manages to find himself in the middle of a sticky situation, what is Lori doing half the time that she can't keep her eye on him?

The episode begins with a funeral for Dale. Rick vows to honor his memory by proving the group is not broken. He also says that the plan with Randall is to cut him loose. It was always the right thing to do, it was just poorly executed the first time. Of course Shane does not agree only showing his disapproval through body language. With the season changing Hershel also decides to let the group stay in the house. Everyone starts moving in and preparing for it. Andrea and Glenn take time out to fix Dale's RV. They reminisce about him a little bit coming to the conclusion that Dale knew he was cared about despite their flaws with each other.

Rick and Daryl decide to go out to see where they should drop off Randall. Rick talks to Andrea about keeping an eye on Shane when he is gone. Carl confesses what happened with the walker to Shane. Shane tells him that it is not his fault. Lori also approaches Shane and thanks him for being there for her and Carl when the outbreak began. It is obvious things got messy between them all, she apologizes for it. This feels like the wrong thing to do. Shane is in love with her, his sanity is a bit compromised but Lori goes ahead and talks to him about their past anyway. This could have broken Shane even more, pushed him over the edge for after this conversation he winds up doing even more questionable things.

While everyone is doing their thing, settling into Hershel's house, Shane goes to the barn and looks in on Randall. He winds up taking him out of the barn and into the woods. He proceeds to ask him about his group and where it is located. Suddenly off screen we hear a snapping sound and Shane comes back alone. He looks a little crazy and then he smashes his face into a tree to make it look as if Randall attacked him and ran off. While we know the truth about the situation he runs back to the farm and starts a commotion. He tells the others that Randall hit him, escaped into the woods with weapons.

Rick and Shane head off into the woods together to find him while Glenn and Daryl do the same. Daryl follows tracks that lead him and Glenn in a circle and by a tree with blood on it. A few feet away a walker lurks. Glenn attacks him and it turns out to be Randall. Something is fishy about his zombie transformation. He was not bitten, a broken neck is what killed him. The virus is airborne? Meanwhile Shane starts to lead Rick in circles. Rick starts to suspect as much. Eventually they make it to the top of a hill that overlooks the woods and the farm in the distance. The camera work here is beautiful. The gray sky and the long shots really frame the ultimate deterioration of their friendship. Shane and Rick start to have it out again, Shane egging him on about how he can't protect Lori, Carl, the unborn baby or the rest of the group. Rick tells him to kill him then, he drops his gun, then he lunges at Shane with a knife and kills him. Somehow Carl is there?! Rick approaches Carl as Carl raises his gun at him. Shane also reanimates. We see a segway scene representing his transformation. Carl takes the shot and puts him down. Carl is visibly confused and upset, can't really tell if he is more upset at what just happened or at zombified Shane. To Carl, Shane was someone that was there for him. Rick and Lori are starting to have trouble even talking to their son. When Rick talks to him about how he feels about Dale's death he seems to lose his footing on what to exactly say. Lori seems to never be watching him and if she is, she is doing a terrible job.

Off in the distance a horde of walkers approach upon hearing Carl's shot. The season finale deals with everything and more from this episode. We finally hear the secret Dr. Jenner told Rick at the end of the first season revealing something pivotal about reanimation. We also lose a few more characters and gain a new one? Rick also starts to really take the lead, one that he did not ask for but will willingly accept. My review of the season finale will be up this week.

Catch up with the beginning of the second season on AMC and you can purchase episodes on itunes. Of course keep reading the comics, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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