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Review: The Walking Dead Season 3: Seed

The Walking Dead is back for its third season and is breaking records again! Sunday night's episode opened up to 10.1 million viewers. The season 3 opener is now ranked as the most watched drama telecast in basic cable history. For the night including the encore of the episode, The Walking Dead drew in more than 15.2 million total viewers.

The first episode, titled “Seed,” picks up right where we left off except there are a few noticeable changes. Right away we discover the group has become a much more solid unit in terms of survival, everyone packs a gun and a pretty smooth shot. Everyone has also noticeably aged and Lori sports the strangest looking pregnancy belly but none the less the group works like a well oiled machine as they try to find food and a place to either stay or rest. There is no more hesitation and the humanity they once shared for their circumstance seems to be taking a back set to their immediate survival.

As they stumble upon the prison we discover the group has made it through the winter and Lori and Rick's relationship has deteriorated further. Hopefully flashbacks later on in the season should get viewers up to speed. The group briefly celebrates their victory before Rick tells them they need to continue to press on, the prison could be a hot bed of activity and would make a good home with food, guns and medical supplies. The group sits around a fire and enjoys Beth's singing. Everyone seems to be enjoying the little things while they still can, even though everything is collapsing around them.
Rick is definitely more distant from Lori as she tries to talk to him about letting the group camp out for a few days in front of the prison so they can rest. Rick doesn't have any of it let and won't even talk to her about the baby that seems to be due soon. He withdraws, becoming the protector of the group, a reluctant title but one that he takes on.

We also start to notice several tender moments as well. Daryl and Carol tease each other, later on Glenn inspects Maggie for bites, and Beth looks on as Carl starts to develop some kind of affection for her, mostly everyone seems to enjoy each others company. This episode says a lot by saying little.

The next day Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, Hershel, Daryl and Maggie move to eradicate walkers at the front of the prison before moving inside. We start to see zombies in riot gear and some that have mutated beyond human recognition. They manage to clear out a cell block and the rest of the survivors come in to try and make a home, or at least a temporary sanctuary.

Meanwhile things have deteriorated for Andrea. Michonne is taking care of her, she seems to have gotten sick with the flu and while Michonne lies to her about the outside world, she knows all too well they have to keep moving, they can't stop so she can rest so they leave their temporary shelter and keep moving.

After cleaning out a cell block Beth retrieves Hershel and Lori confesses to him that she hasn't felt the baby in weeks and she's basically worried that the baby is dead and could potentially eat her from the inside out. He tries to calm her down and says she's probably just exhausted and not to worry.

Later on the group, Daryl, Rick, Maggie, T-dog, and Glenn, decides to attempt to clean out another cell block. During the process they stumble upon a horde and have to split up. After the group splits up the horde disappears and then while trying to reunite with everyone Hershel stumbles over a live walker and is bitten.

In an act of desperation Rick immediately takes action by sawing off Hershel's leg at the area of the bite. Since they are all infected I wasn't sure as to how this would help or if Rick was trying to slow the infection down or...what. Suddenly the camera pans to a few prisoners who were hiding in the area and one of them says, holy shit. The moment was tense and happened very fast. If Hershel dies his death will be felt wholeheartedly within the group. He has become someone that can not only treat someone medically but who is there to be leaned on and is somewhat of an elder who takes Dale's place.

Seed was very tense. The episode is building up the prison and the prison itself will become a central character. Who are these prisoners? How will this impact the group? Is Hershel going to die and if so how is Lori going to survive? Does she carry a still born zombie inside her? The Walking Dead continues to ask questions. I can't wait to find the answers.

Tune in to AMC for the next episode at 9 p.m.

Don't forget to read the comics. “Seed” is available to stream on AMCTV.com

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