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Review: The Walking Dead Season 3: Say the Word

The Walking Dead continues to build up two stories. Viewers get to peak into a “perfect” society run by the Governor in Woodbury while Rick and his group try the best they can to survive in a prison, which takes on a persona of its own. While the Governor is slowly being shown as someone who is menacing and most likely has underlying devious intentions, Rick is quickly deteriorating.

We pick up the pieces from last episode, out of anger, frustration, and sadness Rick takes off inside the prison while the rest of the group decides their next step in taking care of the baby. Hershel makes an obvious observation that the baby will need milk so Maggie and Daryl decide to head out and find some.

Meanwhile back in Woodbury The Governor is brushing someone's hair and a piece of it detaches itself from her skin. We discover it's his daughter and she is a zombie. This is a pleasant surprise as those who have read the comic know she is an important addition to the show. The Governor tries to subdue her by putting a plastic bag over her head and it works while he whispers, “You know I still love you.”
When he looks outside the window Michonne is staring at him. Michonne continues to be curious about Woodbury and stirs up her own trouble.

At the prison Glenn begins to dig three graves, one for Lori, T-dog, and Carol. We still don't know where Carol is but apparently it is being assumed that she is dead. The two prisoners Axel and Oscar offer their condolences and try to help. Glenn feels disgusted but takes them up on their offer and tells them to dig two more graves. He goes up to Hershel and expresses his sadness and disdain. While he says he'd trade any regular person for one of their own, it seems strange as Carol wasn't even looked for, she was just presumed dead. Granted they have a bigger situation on their hands but I found it a bit disingenuous.

Back at Woodbury The Governor is holding a big party for the townspeople. During the party Michonne steals away to where the governor lives and conducts his business. She takes her sword back and notices a weird notebook. Inside she discovers he has written down a series of names but after Penny it's just slashes, pages and pages of slashes. She hears a noise and tries to open a locked door where the noise emanated but before she could the governor and Merle barge in to get more supplies for the party.

Conveniently enough Daryl and Maggie find a daycare off the road somewhere and try to find baby formula. As they search, the mood gets tense until Maggie finds spare bottles and some powerderd formula. After she finds the formula they hear a noise in the closet. Maggie slowly opens the door and it's a possum. Daryl shoots it and brings it back with them for dinner.

While Michonne is exploring she finds wide open space behind an industrial looking building where walkers seem to be kept in pens for soon to be known reasons. She looks at them and cuts the lock. As she releases them she kills them one by one, never faltering. One of the Governor's henchmen spots her as he brings out food for the walkers. She gets interrogated by the Governor, who also confiscates her weapon again. He asks her why she keeps being defiant and says he has nothing to hide. She says she knows about Penny and quickly takes her weapon back, threatening him with it in the process before she leaves. The Governor then tries to enact the help of Andrea to calm her down.

Back at the prison Rick is still missing in action. We watch him clear out cell blocks in the prison, killing everything in his wake. The rest of the group is worried about him so Glenn goes inside to try to find him and bring him out. As he approaches him Rick looks dazed and winds up lunging at him. Glenn understands and immediately vacates the area. Maggie and Daryl come back with the supplies for the baby. Daryl winds up nursing her while the Carl thinks of a suitable name for her. He goes down the list of all the people the group has lost. Daryl calls her an ass-kicker and everyone basks in the moment.

In Woodbury, Michonne and Andrea continue to fight about their next move. While Andrea wants to stay Michonne knows better and wants to leave. She also tries to tell Andrea that whatever they do, the people of the town won't let them leave. They decide to try that tactic so Andrea could see. It doesn't work and they wind up letting Michonne leave. As Andrea watches Michonne leave the governor tries to help her realize that she's safe in Woodbury and also shows some “compassion” towards Michonne leaving. He invites her to continue to celebrate at an “annual event” the people of Woodbury hold.
It turns out the event is a gladiator style fighting event, pitting two humans against each other while walkers are chained, abused and guard the outside of the ring while fighters beat each other as the walkers try to get in on the action. Andrea is automatically appalled and it looks like she may finally understand what Michonne was talking about.

Back at the prison Rick wanders into the boiler room where Lori died. There's a bloody trail on the floor but no body? He spots a fat walker and goes to town on it, killing it, continuously stabbing it. Unfortunately it is assumed that the walker, although I believe it was poorly shown, ate Lori's body.
Suddenly, the phone rings? Rick goes to pick it up and....Who's on the other line? Rick is quickly transitioning before the Governor even makes it to the prison. This is creating an almost completely different dynamic than the comics, which have been working as a launchpad for the series. Last episode 1/3 of the group was taken out. How is Rick going to function now? Will Michonne wind up at the prison? Andrea also looks to want to leave Woodbury now that she's starting to see something is wrong underneath this surface of “normality.” Will Merle and the Governor trek them and they meet up at the prison? Another quality episode that shows a lot, while showing a little.

Tune in to AMC for the next episode at 9 p.m.

Don't forget to read the comics!

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