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Sci Fi Summer Girl's Off Day Deluxe

AND NOW: A review that is long (and unjustly) overdue.

The story opens with Sci Fi Summer Girl (Heather Davis*) and her mutant anole sidekick Amadeus (S. Fox) taking a stroll down a park set somewhere in the future (as noted by the sweeet spaceships careening by in the background). The normal park-goers are present, enjoying normal park-people activities such as Frisbee, LARPing , and Nerf gun wars. Much to the dismay of Amadeus, SFSG settles down to take a nap and soak in her day of rest. Suddenly, the evil, latex wearing** General Galla (Kay Freeman) and her equally evil but non-latex-wearing cohorts show up on the scene to abduct the humans in what one can only hope to imagine something I probably cannot mention on this site.*** SFSG and Amadeus team up and fight the baddies off with some kind of glowing energy Frisbee and from what I can only assume to be Amadeus’ trademark tail whip of justice. The future police arrive shortly thereafter and something is mentioned about roasting a wet dog.****

On day 3 of AWA 2009 I had the opportunity to chat a bit with Chris Jones, producer of SFSG Day Off. I got a bit more insight into what went into making the film. I was surprised to learn that the cast was ENTIRELY comprised of volunteers and moreover that filming only took a day and a half. The film is based on a short comic written for Sci Fi Summer Con that was illustrated by Atlanta-based Staph the Artist. Chris is truly a great guy and I encourage all who come in contact with him to chat him up, give him a pat on the back, and command he make a sequel.


For such a short feature, I feel I laughed far too much than what is considered healthy by normal standards. This is most certainly not to be taken with a serious mindset. Everything from the park-goers to the space gorilla invokes hilarity beyond anything I expected from a simple low budget promotional indie film.


Well, there’s a ton of them. Trailers, stills, promotional poster, production story, story synopsis, a blooper reel, and my personal favorite: Lance McGruder directing the bubbles crew. From what I understand the bubbles scene was entirely unscripted and, in my opinion, is the best feature on the DVD. Favorite quote: “We are a bubble MACHINE!!”


-The music at the menu screen in extremely loud compared to the main feature. I found myself having to turn the volume down every time I went back to the menu screens. Then again, this may just be my jacked up television.

-There is a small bit of text on the special features screen that I cannot for the life of me read.

-Heather Davis has still not contacted me so we can schedule a lunch date wherein I will stare at her for no less than three hours and then leave her with the bill. Hey, the economy is rough on us all right now.


I wish I had the drive to go through with something of this caliber. It would be wrong to give this production anything lower than an 8/10. If you want to find out more about Sci Fi Summer Con 2010 or find out more about the film, visit the links below. You can contact SFSC at director@sfscon.net for more information on purchasing the deluxe edition. Seriously, just go buy it. It’s well worth it.

*Hi, Heather. ;D



****Your guess is as good as mine.


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