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"The Dead Matter" on DVD

Unless you've been off planet or in a coma, you've probably heard lots of buzzing about a new DVD from the masters of spooky music Midnight Syndicate. That's right, I said DVD. Midnight Syndicate has produced and released their very first film titled "The Dead Matter". I finally got my hands on a review copy Friday night while attending the "Paranormal Scare Fest" in Murfreesboro, Tn.

The film tells a story. Really! An honest to goodness story for a change. A young woman (Sean Serino) desperate to contact her dead brother, discovers an ancient relic that has the power to control the dead. There are two rival vampires (Andrew Divoff of Wishmaster and Tom of Dawn of the Dead) and a vampire hunter (Jason Carter of Babylon 5) who are all searching for the relic.

This film breaks all the rules when it comes to the crap that Hollywood has been producing for years now. It's not all blood, guts and gore. It's not a collection of mind numbing fast cut scenes that will make you want to claw your eyes out. There's some blood, some action, some suspense and a few chills but none are in excess.

Anyone who has ever heard Midnight Syndicate's music would expect this film to have a fantastic supporting music score and fantastic it is. It may possibly be one of the key elements that makes this film the astounding work of art that it is.

As stated before, from beginning to end this film tells a story. It's a great story with great dialogue. The actors do a top notch job delivering line after line that continue to draw you into the story.

This is film-making at it's finest. The likes we've not seen since the glory days of the Gothic "Hammer Horror" films. If there were a rule book that filmmakers were required to follow, this film should be the benchmark. Hollywood needs to sit up and pay attention. This is how it should be done.

I can't believe this film didn't get the big screen release that it truly deserves. It also makes my head spin that a major distributor has yet to pick this one up. However, "The Dead Matter" can be found at Hot Topic stores nationwide. To find a Hot Topic store near you follow this link:

DVD extras include:

  • Midnight Syndicate's Dark Legacy & Lost music videos
    Eternal Legacy's The Dead Matter music video
  • Three finalists from the Midnight Syndicate 13th Anniversary Video Contest
  • Commentary with Producers Edward Douglas, Robert Kurtzman, & Gary Jones
  • Gag reels & hidden features
  • MAXIMUM DEAD MATTER - a feature-length behind-the-scenes program. Watch the movie in one window while you watch footage of the scene being filmed, concept art comparisons, location trivia, and interviews in the other windows!

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